Traditional Legal Culture in China

Traditional Legal Culture in China This book examines aspects of traditional Chinese legal culture, ranging from rites and penalties to the legal system, legal ideas, contracts, mediation, and adjudication. Traditional Chinese legal culture is multifaceted. With multiple origins, it took a variety of forms. It prioritizes harmony between legal codes, natural laws and human ethnics, the interplay between state laws and local rules, the unity of emotions, rationalities, and law in adjudication, and the integration of reasoning with experiences. In most of its history, Chinese legal culture aims to promote the effectiveness of social control and achieve social harmony and stability. With legal codes at its core, the Chinese legal system took the lead in the development of systems of law in East Asia, had a profound impact on the formation of the legal sphere in East Asia, and thus contributed significantly to the formation of worldwide legal culture.
Author:Zhang Renshan ISBN:978-7-305-20067-0
Publication Date:201804 Pages:432

About the Author

Law professor, Nanjing University