Chinese Buddhism and Buddhology

Chinese Buddhism and Buddhology Buddhism originated in ancient India and had its prime time in China. After its introduction into China in the period between Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasties,it experienced constant sinicization before eventually transforming into China’s national religion with three major branches, namely, Chinese Buddhism,Tibetan Buddhism and Theravāda Buddhism in Yunnan, all of which contributed to Buddhology in China with its own distinctive characteristics. As a result, Chinese Buddhism rose to stand shoulder by shoulder with Confucianism and Taoism as one of the three most important components of traditional Chinese culture and ideologies. This book attempts a concise but systematic introduction as well as analysis of Chinese Buddhism and Buddhology, unfolding in a comprehensive manner with vividness and richness the spread and development of Chinese Buddhism and Buddhology regarding the following issues: the Indian origin of Chinese Buddhism and Buddhology,
Author:Hong Yinxing ISBN:978-7-305-16525-2
Publication Date:201610 Pages:312

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Distinguished Professor of Nanjinger University, researcher at Harvard University.