Tang Shi and Song Ci

Tang Shi and Song Ci Chinese culture’s central spirit is taking humanity as the foundation. This Chinese drive to put people having a poetic character. Since five- and seven-character shi-poetry, along with ci-poetry, most completely realize the aesthetic potential of Chinese characters, the mature forms found in Tang dynasty shi-poetry and Song dynasty ci-poetry stand at the pinnacle of classical Chinese poetry’s development, and are the best paths for modern readers to understand classical Chinese culture, and the best window into the world of the Chinese spirit. This book is intended to introduce the Tang poets Li Bai and Du Fu, and Song lyricists Su Shi and Xin Qiji . Li Bai has been called the “Immortal of Poetry,” for his poetry shows his daring and energetic attitude towards life, and expresses his unceasing pursuit of mental freedom.
Author:Mo Lifeng ISBN:978-7-305-13869-0
Publication Date:201605 Pages:292

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Professor of Chinese Department of Nanjing University