White Collar:The American Middle Classes

White Collar:The American Middle Classes C. Wright Mills~ incisive analysis of the American white -collar worker is a classic of sociology,the author~s ideas and terms making a lasting effect on sociological enquiry and popular consciousness.Writing in 1950,most of Mills~ study concerns the first half of the 20th century;the trend underpinning a change in workplace culture,such as increasing urban populations and workers in the servicces industry.This new class of worker was invariably based in some form of office,wearing formal white buttoned shirts-hence,white-collar workers.The culture and behaviors of these workers are described,how many are part of an expanding bureaucracy,and have new standards of prestige and consumption.For the first time,phenomena such as the career woman and the worker employed chiefly for charisma or personalty is observed.While previously a rare curiosity,both sexes striving for success and recognition in urban careers underpins the overall culture.
Author:Charles Wright Mills. Translated by Zhou Xiaohong ISBN:978-7-305-15572-7
Publication Date:201601 Pages:424

About the Author

Mills,American sociologist who,with Hans H, Gerth,applied and popularized Max Weber~s theories in the United States.He also applied Karl Mannheim~s theories on the sociology of knowledge to the political thought and behaviour of intellectuals.