The Consumer Society:Myths and Structures

The Consumer Society:Myths and Structures Jean Baudrillard~s classic text was one of the first to focus on the process and meaning of consumption in contemporary cultures.Originally published in 1970,the book still makes a vital contribution to current debates on consumption.Many of the themes which would make Baudrillard famous appear here for the first time,The book includes Baudrillard~s most organized discussion of mass media culture,the meaning of leisure and anomie in affluent society.A chapter on the body demonstrates Baudrillard~s extraordinary prescience for flagging vital subjects in contemporary culture long before others.
Author:Jean Baudrillard ISBN:978-7-305-13303-9
Publication Date:201406 Pages:256

About the Author

Jean Baudrillard was a French sociologist,philosopher,cultural theorist,political commentator,and photographer.His work is frequently associated with postmodernism and specifically post-structuralism.