Structure-Borne Noise: Control and Prevention

Structure-Borne Noise: Control and Prevention This book is of the view that the analyzing work in early stage of any noise controlling project is very important, as appropriate treatment can only be achieved after thorough analysis. Effort spent in analyzing is usually fruitful in real engineering cases. For example, wall-attaching structures are often used in installation of lift or air conditioner. Vibration of such structure will magnify the force against the wall, which leads to amplification of the wave in the solid, and resulted in severe structure-borne noise. In a case of noise controlling of broadcasting equipment, the existence of interior decorative thin board is unfavorable to noise controlling. In the broadcasting room, the board concentrates the pressure of the wave to a particular point, and this enlarges the sound intensity within the architecture; whereas in the recording room, the board increases the acoustic radiation efficiency of the wave in solids towards air.
Author:Ji Zhengyu ISBN:978-7-305-20095-3
Publication Date:201805 Pages:372

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Researcher-level senior engineer of Nanjing Environmental Protection Science Research Institute