The Art of China: Clothing

The Art of China: Clothing An essential part of the traditional Chinese culture, the appreciation and interpretation of the classical Chinese art was seen as the way to cultivate character and nourish personality. The Art of China series is an eight-volume illustrated history of traditional Chinese art. Each volume, tracing the vicissitudes of the most prestigious monuments of art in each category, offers the artists`biographical information, and the historical background, the evaluations of the artifacts`artistic and historical values, their circulation and collection, and the anecdotes and unofficial histories. The illustrations include the pictures of the works and the artists, sceneries, maps, charts and tables in a scholarly yet entertaining fashion. The texts are readable but also contain in-depth discussions, based on the result of the latest researches in the field. The format design is reader friendly, unlike the conventional history books that simply interpolate pictures into the narrative.
Author:Huang Dun ed. ISBN:978-7-305-06794-5
Publication Date:201003 Pages:252

About the Author

Professor of Nanjing University of the Arts, doctoral supervisor of Arts and Fine Arts.