The Target of Monetary Policy

The Target of Monetary Policy Based on a brief review of the monetary policy framework and its composition, and the impact of the 2008 international financial crisis on the monetary policy framework, this book studies the ultimate goal of monetary policy, price stability and financial stability, from the perspective of inflation operation and asset shortage. And through the improvement of the price index compilation method, it provides a reference for the monetary policy to effectively achieve the ultimate goal. Then, in the context of currency overshoot, it studies the monetary policy intermediary goal—the validity of money supply. With the evolution of monetary policy operation procedures as the background, it further explores the monetary policy operation objectives and tool selection, and compares the applicability of quantitative and price-based tools.
Author:Fan Conglai ISBN:978-7-305-18443-7
Publication Date:201708 Pages:688

About the Author

Doctor of Economics, Assistant to the President of Nanjing University