Technical Writing

Technical Writing This book is designed for foreign language courses in colleges and universities, and it is written for senior students and postgraduates to study technical writing. The book consists of 12 chapters, covering the concept and object of technical writing, document design principles, the basic principles of communication, the presentation of graphics and other visual elements, commonly used genres in professional communication such as memorandum and proposal, and job application materials such as résumé and cover letter.
Author:Chen Meihua ISBN:978-7-305-24433-9
Publication Date:202107 Pages:284

About the Author

Dr. Chen Meihua is Dean and professor of linguistics in the School of Foreign Languages, Southeast University. Her main research interests are Applied Linguistics, English Language Education, and Language Policy and Planning. She has received over 30 research grants, including grant from National Social Sciences Fund, authored over forty articles and edited or co-edited over twenty textbooks.