Essays on French literature

Essays on French literature Using translation as a starting point, I came into contact with the works of various representatives of the French literary school, such as Chateaubriand and Hugo in Romanticism, Stendhal and Balzac in realism, Proust, one of the originators of the stream of consciousness, Duras of the French New Novelist, and Tournier and Le Clézio of the French New Fable. Re-reading the texts I wrote about them, I found that these literary figures who shine eternally in the history of French literature and even world literature inadvertently constitute the spiritual coordinates of the dual adventure of literature and translation that I have been committed to for decades, and make me feel the profound value of reading literary classics and translating literary classics for my personal growth.
Author:Xu Jun ISBN:978-7-305-24646-3
Publication Date:202206 Pages:296

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Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts of Zhejiang University, Professor at Zhejiang University School of International Studies