A History of British and American Literary Criticism

A History of British and American Literary Criticism This book provides a lucid and comprehensive account of Anglo-American literary criticism from the beginnings of critical consciousness in British literature to the recent developments of literary theory in the American academia. Structurally, the twenty-one chapters are arranged in two volumes: the British volume examines critical texts by major poets, novelists, critics, and philosophers in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 18th century, the Victorian Age, the modern and post-modern period
Author:Wang Shouren, Zhu Gang, Yao Chenghe,et al. ISBN:978-7-305-23934-2
Publication Date:202101 Pages:480

About the Author

Wang Shouren is University Distinguished Professor at Nanjing University. He is the author of The Theatre of the Mind (1990), A Literary History of the United States Since 1945 (2002), Gender, Race an