Four NJUP Projects Selected as 2022 Translation Projects of Chinese Academic Works

2023-05-17 09:05:27

        Recently, the National Office of Philosophy and Social Science announced the "2022 Chinese Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences - Translation Projects of Chinese Academic Works," according to which 234 projects are listed this year. And NJUP has four projects, namely, the German edition of A History of the Nanjing Massacre (by Zhang Xianwen), the English edition of Ancient Chinese Documentation (by Zhao Yi), the English edition of Chinese Local Fiction Research: Development and Change Over a Century (by Ding Fan), and the English edition of History of Modern Chinese Graphic Journalism: 1840-1919 (Volume 3) (by Han Congyao et al.), which rank among the top university presses in China.

        The "Translation Projects of Chinese Academic Works" is one of the major categories of the Chinese Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Project aims to focus on selecting and translating the best academic works that represent Chinese academic standards, reflect the essence of Chinese culture, show the frontier of Chinese academics, and disseminate contemporary Chinese values.

        The Project represents the academic accumulation and comprehensive ability of a publishing house. The selected projects of NJUP include various disciplines, covering literature, history, philosophy, law and other fields, and involve English, German and other languages, which is a multi-faceted outreach. The authors are mainly outstanding scholars from Nanjing University, which is a concentrated display of NJUP's achievements in academic publishing.