Nanjing University Press Attended the 2023 London Book Fair

2023-05-17 08:50:57


2023 London Book Fair at the Olympia, London 


Nanjing University Press attended the 2023 London Book Fair (LBF) at the Olympia, London, from April 18th to 20th, showcasing a multitude of books on a wide range of subjects and engaging in productive conversations with world’s renowned academic and trade publisherssuch as Taylor & Francis and Reaktion. 



Nanjing University Press bookstand


More than 30 titles published by the Press including academic monographs, trade classics and children’s books have been exhibited at the China Books stand at the LBF. These books cover a wide range of subjects including humanities, social sciences, science and technology, literature, traditional Chinese culture, etc. By telling the history of China, promoting traditional Chinese culture, introducing contemporary Chinese society and the various achievements of China’s development, the titles present to the world the profound and colorful Chinese culture and take a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to show today’s China.



Books and catalogues exhibited by Nanjing University Press 


At the LBF, the Press had meaningful conversations with partners and friends from the publishing industry. Aside from rights trade in both ways and potential future cooperation opportunities, opinions on new trends and common challenges in the industry have also been exchanged.



Representatives from NJUP and Taylor & Francis at meeting


The LBF is an essential event for the global publishing industry, bringing together publishers, agents, authors, and booksellers from around the world. The fair provides a platform for international exchange in publishing, enabling publishers to showcase their work, make new connections, and build relationships with partners in other countries. The Press’s attendance at the fair was a crucial step in telling Chinese stories through books to a global audience and promoting cross-cultural exchange.