NJUP Undertakes the Training Project of “Jiangsu Master Teachers”

2023-05-17 08:32:14



        July 12, the 2022 academic week of the "Jiangsu Master Teachers" training project was officially launched. A total of 99 teachers, trained in 2020 and 2021, gathered at the Gulou Campus of Nanjing University and started their two-week study. The training was sponsored by the Jiangsu Education Department and hosted by Nanjing University and Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Education Science. Lu Yanqing, Vice President of Nanjing University, and Lu Yuexin, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Education Science, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Representatives from Jiangsu Education Department, the Institute of Elementary Education of the Provincial Academy of Educational Sciences, the School of Education of Nanjing University - Tao Xingchi Institute of Teachers’ Education, and Nanjing University Press attended. The meeting was chaired by Ni Juan, director of the Institute of Elementary Education of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Education Sciences.

        Lu Yanqing said in his speech: this year happens to be the 120th anniversary of Nanjing University, and it is meaningful to hold the workshop for the training project in Nanjing University at this moment. Nanjing University not only has a long tradition of pedagogy, but also took the lead in responding to the national call to establish the Tao Xingchi Institute of Teachers’ Education in 2019, which is the first comprehensive university to run pedagogy. Lu Yanqing also pointed out that elementary education is the foundation of higher education and the basis for the creation of world-class universities. He hoped that the principals and teachers would take the opportunity to strengthen communication and exchange, share research results and experiences and respond to the urgent problems in elementary education. With the help of all, Nanjing University will make greater contributions to higher education and elementary education.

        Lu Yuexin pointed out in his speech that the "Jiangsu Master Teachers" is the elementary education talent training project of the highest standard in the province, and its goal is to accelerate the training of a number of creative and influential educator-type principals and experts, and to foster master teachers of Jiangsu style and Jiangsu characteristics. We hope that through this workshop at Nanjing University, the participants will be able to enlighten new wisdom, receive new knowledge and open new paths. Before the opening of the academic week, Lu Yuexin would like to take this opportunity to share three points with the teachers of the project:

        First, to deeply understand the intrinsic meaning of the design of the academic week and cherish the rare learning opportunities. Second, focus on strengthening the value of academic week, and consciously improve their comprehensive ability. Third, strictly comply with the management regulations. 

        He hoped that everyone would love learning, immerse themselves in learning, enjoy learning, and rely on persistent learning to go farther into the future, achieve higher achievements and make greater contributions.

        Zhang Weixing, director of the Teacher Work Department of Jiangsu Education Department, put forward specific requirements for the teachers' study at the opening ceremony and quoted the poet Gao Pian's poem as an expression of blessing and expectation for the training project. He said that: “This training is a rare opportunity; I hope that the teachers can cherish the opportunity to listen to the lectures on the campus of Nanjing University. The results of the training will be applied to the future practical work.”

        The workshop invited famous scholars including academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, senior professors from Nanjing University and Yangtze River Scholars as lecturers to give lectures on key issues in various fields such as economics, humanities, science and technology, arts and psychology, in order to let the participants feel the depth of thought, the thickness of academics and the temperature of humanities, broaden their intellectual horizons and enrich their knowledge structure. At the same time, this training also had on-site experiential learning and salon of famous teachers to encourage participants to enlarge their educational vision and think about education in an interdisciplinary way, so as to transform their teaching experience accumulated in practice into theoretical achievements. 

        In 2021, Nanjing University Press funded the establishment of the "Nanjing University Tao Xingchi Education Development Fund," which reflects the concern of NJUP for the teaching and research of Nanjing University, and is also a token of appreciation and responsibility for the university and society. The co-organization with Tao Xingchi Teachers' Education Institute of the training project in Nanjing University is a new path of cooperation between the department and the press of Nanjing University. NJUP will further strengthen the ties with the Tao Xingchi Teachers' Education Institute of Nanjing University, to implement the important instructions of President Xi Jinping on the education.